Hemnet Commuter

Given RSS feeds of Hemnet searches, filter for properties that match a commuting preference.

Find out more about this tool on it's GitHub page.

Step 1: Enter Hemnet Search RSS Feed URLs

On hemnet.se create a search and save it. Find the link to the RSS feed for that search (on the list page) and paste that here.
Only the most recent 30 items are returned. Enter multiple search RSS addresses to retrieve more results.

For example: https://www.hemnet.se/mitt_hemnet/sparade_sokningar/00000000.xml

Step 2: Enter Commute Filters

Enter one or more addresses, where you must commute to. Add the maximum commute time for each.

Work Addresss Maximum Commute (hh:mm) Remove

Step 3: Search!

When you're ready, press search to show a map with filtered properties.