More Rowing Photos 
12/12/06, 4:43 pm
Well, the last batch of photos of the CCRC dinner seemed fairly well received so I thought i'd put a few more up...
See some snaps from the
fours head of the river, scullers head of the river and the CCRC christmas head...

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28/11/06, 11:26 pm
Yes, pants. I just missed the bus :( Running a trial of new enzymes, so I had to finish making up that one last plate before I went home, as the enzymes would have died overnight. Ran like a spaz for the bus to see the empty road. And now i'm sat at work, meant to be at the boat club for an outing in 4 minutes :o@

And as if that wasn't bad enough, just checked my days leave, and I can't get back to the 'shire until the evening of the 22nd, and back to work on the 2nd Jan. Which sucks. I think i prefer the 4 weeks granted to university students...

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CCRC Dinner '06 
16/11/06, 12:51 am
Had a manic day on Saturday, raced twice in the morning and won twice :D (even if we had no competition in the second race :P). Just about had time for a cup of tea, then ended up back at the bar and onto Jesus college for the annual dinner.
Think a good night was had by all - you can see the evidence here... (or through the photos page)

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making contact 
8/11/06, 10:05 pm
After a fairly stressful few visits to specsavers and a fairly stressful lightening of my wallet, i now have some contact lenses :D
Apparently, with the added gift of vision, I can steer boats. Which is nice. Now i just need to get better at putting the damn things in - it's currently a half hour struggle involving lots of toilet paper to soak up the tears.

My eyelids hurt.

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