30/1/07, 2:02 am
As i write this, i should be near Calais. I should be sat in a nice comfy chair, reading my book with a gin in my hand. I should be sat on the eurostar.
I am, however, sat in my friends flat in Paris. Turns out that if you get on the wrong metro line by accident, it takes a really long time to get where you are meant to be going. Turns out that getting to the station 3 minutes before your eurostar train leaves isn't early enough.

If this wasn't bad enough, on my way to Paris I managed to leave my passport in Cambridge. I didn't remember until I had passed through security and was stood in front of the passport control. Ended up getting into Paris roughly 5 hours late.

The one good thing in this plethora of poor organisation is eurostar - they have changed my ticket in both directions for no extra charge. I even managed to get to cambridge and back to london for free, using my old ticket. I love being jammy.

Serioustly though, only me :oP

Nice Site 
14/1/07, 3:58 pm
Seeing as my blog is fairly poor in terms of content, why not entertain yourself by reading this blog instead.

A rather spangly site in terms of design too, which is always nice.

i am now poor 
11/1/07, 2:42 pm
My wallet hurts.

New Computer! 
10/1/07, 8:14 pm
My current computer is dying a horrible death. It crashes around twice per evening of website design work, and I have to leave it for half an hour to cool down before I can turn it on again. It's had a good life, served me well, but it's ready to move on to a better place.

Filling its void will be a spangly new thing, built by my own fair hand from a list of cunningly chosen components. I must say, I'm rather excited about it all, if a little nervous that i'll break something in the process of making it. Anyway, just to make you jealous, this is what it's going to be made from:

Case - CoolerMaster Stacker 830
Motherboard - Asus P5WDH Deluxe
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz
Power Source - Coolermaster iGreen 600W PSU
RAM - OCZ 2GB DDR2 800
Graphics Card - Connect3D X1900GT 256MB
Hard Disk - SATA2/300 250Gb 7200rpm 16MB Cache