tallphil productions - my professional website. have a look for info about what i do, and some pretty photos.

frezi.co.uk - Freya's homepage. tidy site :)

Mooseware - silly games by jake emery!

Banksy - Bristol graffiti artist, does some amazing stuff

Steal-Life - excellent photography site

toothpastefordinner - daily cartoons, always random

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy - sheer genius, must be read by everyone.

Solid Steel - free radio from ninjatune. it's good music and everything

Last.fm - why ever buy music again? Free internet radio, can skip tracks. If you install a widger it tells the site what music you listen to, builds you a profile up and then suggests music that it thinks you'll like. Fantastic.

stuff on my cat - hehe, should appeal to many people's childish sense of humour.

Lego Porn - lego porn by the guy who made toothpastefordinner. Over 18s only.

Vectorpark - awesome site, can spend ours playing with the most simple of flash vectors, very clever.


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