Here be some photo albums to keep you all entertained. Let me know if you think that i'm missing something good :)

There are some more of my photos (of a slightly less personal nature) on my professional site - www.tallphilproductions.co.uk


CCRC City Sprints, 2007

Easter, 2007 (download better quality photos here - this is a very large file, 70MB and will take quite a long time to download)

CCRC Christmas Head, 2006

Scullers Head of the River, 2006

Fours Head of the River, 2006

CCRC Formal Dinner, Nov 2006

Trampolining at Freya's House

Skate Park

Sunrise on Pontesbury Hill, April 2006
(high quality photos recommended, download here)

Sledging, March 2006 (high quality + videos here)

Sweden, Jan 2006

Thailand / Malaysia / Singapore 2005

General Highlights

Christmas 2004

Photo Comments...



Can\\\'t get Easter 2007 to do anything now let alone download the photos. When I tried it last week it took me to the password page and allowed me to watch the slide show but not download the file.



New photos up of Freya and me trampolining. She probably won't be very happy with me putting them up, as I haven't really edited them and there are some quite amusing expressions. Ah well :P



The baby is probably chris' - i'm not sure where you saw her! Thanks though :)



Beautiful photos Phil, esp the sunrise ones. Is the baby Chris's? Christy (Rob's old housemate in Hereford)



The sunrise photos are a selection of 22(?) from about 200 that i took on an early morning walk up pontesbury hill this morning - got up at 5am!



..i guess



That thing could kill you in more ways than one then



Pic 11 is the world's longest cigar! The milk carton isn't milk, it's called a-fil, it's a bit like yoghurt - very swedish.. We couldn't find a bin for ages, so we were just carrying it around, getting the strangest looks! As for the icebar - just awesome ;)

Swan with Attitude


Like your pics from Sweden Phil. That swan looks mean.. What's the wooden thing in pic 11 - a really long sledge or a huge bong? Hope that milk carton wasn't yours, or if it was, you disposed of it responsibly. Otherwise cool. There's an ice bar like that in Auckland, but we don't have one in Singapore yet - man, we need one!! Rob



Here is a separate shoutbox thing you can all comment on my photos... :)

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