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Nike Better World

Tue, 4th Jan 2011, 14:40:23  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

Nike Better WorldMy new favourite website: nikebetterworld.com.

By Ian Coyle, found through css-tricks.

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Colour Schemes

Thu, 20th May 2010, 12:46:48  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

Colour Scheme Designer 3I've found a couple of nice colour scheme generators lately, I just stumbled across Colour Scheme Designer 3, which takes an established concept (complement, triads etc) but packages it all in a lovely product which is really intuitive - it even allows you to preview the scheme for people with different types of colour-blindness. Another cool tool is Adobe Ideas - an app more for the iPad than the iPhone, it has a tool to automatically generate colour schemes from photographs that works really well.
I know I shouldn't until all of my current jobs are finished, but I can't help but find ideas for new websites popping into my head...

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Trinity Hall Boat Club Website

Wed, 28th Jan 2009, 10:52:43  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

THBCAfter a couple of months worth of work, the new Trinity Hall Boat Club Website is nearing completion...
The front end of the site took me about a week to create, but writing the code for the secure back end, where you can update basically everything that you can see on the site through a web interface, took a lot longer! Society websites at universities tend to live for as long as their creator stays at uni, but I'm hoping that the user friendly back end of this site will allow people to keep it up to date whether I'm around or not.

This site also has some useful features built in, such as users being able to book seats at Boat Club Dinners, and the collation of all of their information (college account numbers, phone numbers, ARA numbers) for easy society administration. Registered users can even search email addresses according to strokeside / bowside preference!

Now the site is live, I'm hoping that it will gradually come to life as it populates with content... We shall wait and see!

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The Hollow Earth Theory

Sun, 31st Aug 2008, 12:41:43  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

The Hollow Earth TheoryWas chatting to clarky the other evening, and might do a website for his band The Hollow Earth Theory (see their myspace page here). Anyway, I've mocked up a flash intro for the site, and would like feedback!
It's a pretty massive file at the moment, so don't bother looking unless you're on broadband... You can see it here.

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Fri, 13th Jun 2008, 15:03:40  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

ActionscriptI'm getting stuck into my new flash photo browser at the moment, and so far I've only used a single frame with around 1000 lines of actionscript. In fact, it seems that the more flash projects I do, the further I push the balance from manual animation to pure code.

It's partly due to an amazingly useful flash extension called Movie Clip Tweening prototypes, which allows the smooth animation of items on the stage. Suddenly, 60 frames of animation with complex manual easing turns into mc.SlideTo(5,10,1);

This move to code is making me think though - it's probably time that I make the move to actionscript 3. And Flex.

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Making Adverts, part 2

Wed, 30th Apr 2008, 17:13:59  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

I had an unplanned afternoon off revision today (should have been donating platelets, but nearly passed out a few minutes in so they sent me home...) I've come up with a design for the next format - 400px by 600px. I did this one for La Sportiva, tried to keep it simple and went with a similar 'motion' or 'swooshy' feel to the first...

What do you think?


Making Adverts

Wed, 30th Apr 2008, 15:40:39  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

I'm planning to enter a competition at the end of the month where you have to make four web adverts of different sizes for the Lyon Equipment (Petzl, La Sportiva and Beal). You're only allowed to use images off their respective websites, though photoshopping is allowed.

Anyway, I've done my first - a Petzl ad for the horizontal banner (squished to fit in here, so the images are a bit off):

Any comments / suggestions? I'm not sure about the final tagline, but can't think of anything better...


tallphil productions

Fri, 11th Apr 2008, 23:09:00  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

The new version of my professional webdesign site is up to beta stage - you can see it here.
The site still needs some tweaking before release, so any comments appreciated!

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Photo Browser Update

Tue, 9th Oct 2007, 21:09:02  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

Have had another fairly extensive play with my Flash photo browser, fixing a number of bugs and writing in some of the planned tools...

Clicking the magnifying glass now gives the magnify tool instead of just loading the high res image - a magnified square follows the mouse over the photo, showing a region of the larger image.

Next, the slideshow function now works, fairly self explanitory.

I have also written in a new tool - to share / bookmark. Clicking the little chain link brings up a dialogue where you can get URLs to link directly to the photo or album that you're looking at, and has the same range of social bookmarking options that my blog posts have.
I also plan to make a lightweight flash photo viewer that can be embedded in people's pages...

Anyway, any comments welcome - it is a work in process!


Code Libraries

Sat, 11th Aug 2007, 22:55:59  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

okay, time for a slightly geeky post - have spent a good portion of today doing some of the hard coding for the photos section of the site and was struggling with finding an easy method to tween movieclips through actionscript.

I think it was around google search number 12 that I stumbled across Movie Clip Tweening prototypes, which is essentially a homebrew scripting library to make coding in flash easier. You download the file and add it into flash with the extensions manager, add a simple include line into your code somewhere in your file and a whole world of easy effects is open to you.

For example, my flash photo browser has a little orange arrow that points at the button you have clicked. It doesn't just jump there though, it slides down smoothly with easing. This kind of thing is a bit of a coding headache for such a simple effect, but with this flash extension it can be done with this simple line of code: mc.tween("_y",ypos,0.5,"easeOutCubic");

This reminds me of another incredibly useful tool for writing code in Javascript, that I've used on my nano2hybrids website, called jQuery. It does a similar job of making difficult jobs easy, and if combined with another package called interface you can get some lovely in page effects with very little code. The text rollover effects and sliding menu in the bottom right of this page are both done with these packages. In fact, you'll probably recognise a lot of the effects, such as the lovely lightbox image viewer which seems to crop up everywhere.

In summary, I do wish I'd found these sort of packages earlier - nice people who are good at coding let you use all their hard work for free and make it very possible to create something very nice looking with few lines of code.

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