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Tallphil Feeds

Note: This page is still under development, as such the cusomisation tool below doesn't work in internet explorer yet (it does in mozilla firefox).
If you're using internet explorer, just use one of the master feeds...

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Customise your feed:

I blog about a range of topics, mostly rubbish, but with the odd useful snippet. I understand that different people will be interested in different topics, so I've written a nifty tool that lets you filter what your feed contains. Just pick the things you're interested below, and then use the buttons to add the feed to your reader or copy the url to your customised feed.

Personal Random stuff off the web Website design
About me YouTube Design
About this website News Articles PHP
Stuff I think is cool Web Comics Javascript
Everything Else Everything Else Everything Else

What are feeds?

Feeds are a great way to keep up to date with websites with the minimum of effort. Why waste time repeatedly checking lots of websites looking to see if they've been updated when any updates could be delivered directly to you?

How do I use these feeds?

To keep updated with feeds, you need a tool to read them. I recommend Google Reader - it describes itself as "Your inbox for the web" and that's what it feels like. It's free, dead easy to set up and displays everything you could want from a feed. I even wrote a post about it here

If you don't fancy Google Reader, there are plenty of alternatives, both web-based and desktop based. Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari 2.0 all have built in support, and Sage is a good extension for Firefox. FeedDemon is a popular bit of software for Windows, and NewsFire is good for the Mac.

Feed formats

RSS, Atom, what do these words mean? If you don't know the difference, your best bet is to go for RSS.

Anyway, RSS and Atom are both XML-based feed formats which are widely read by feed aggregators. To make my site available to as many people as possible, I provide feeds as RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0. Most feed readers should be able to cope with both, and RSS is the more popular of the two as it's been around for longer.

How well written are these feeds then?

All of the feeds on this website have been tested with the W3C Feed Validation Service, you can confirm that by going to the link above and pasting in a feed url. To test the master RSS feed, click here.

Help, they're not working!

A few feed aggregators out there might not like the file format of the custom feeds above. If you're having troubles, the most feed-reader-friendly feed is the RSS Master Feed.

Hang on, I still don't get this...

Need help, or just more info? The BBC has an excellent page on feeds here and Wikipedia has pages on RSS, RSS Readers, Atom or more generally, Feed Aggregators.