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Nike Better World

Tue, 4th Jan 2011, 14:40:23  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

Nike Better WorldMy new favourite website: nikebetterworld.com.

By Ian Coyle, found through css-tricks.

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Fri, 18th Jun 2010, 14:17:07  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

RNA-FISH HeartI was doing some RNA-FISH today and was using some random fluff to find the focal plane when I came across this fella - kind of looks like a heart, no? Except it's about 10µM across (roughly 10,000 times smaller than a human heart)

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New Wallpaper

Thu, 20th May 2010, 16:56:27  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

It's My Turn by ~pr09studioI don't change my work desktop wallpaper very often, and when I do I'm usually very picky. I spent a while digging around deviantART yesterday and came across a new one by ~pr09studio called It's my turn.

Think this one's a keeper...

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Colour Schemes

Thu, 20th May 2010, 12:46:48  |  Category: Design  |  Permalink

Colour Scheme Designer 3I've found a couple of nice colour scheme generators lately, I just stumbled across Colour Scheme Designer 3, which takes an established concept (complement, triads etc) but packages it all in a lovely product which is really intuitive - it even allows you to preview the scheme for people with different types of colour-blindness. Another cool tool is Adobe Ideas - an app more for the iPad than the iPhone, it has a tool to automatically generate colour schemes from photographs that works really well.
I know I shouldn't until all of my current jobs are finished, but I can't help but find ideas for new websites popping into my head...

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I like Internet Explorer 6 because...

Wed, 14th Apr 2010, 09:45:26  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

I like internet explorer 6 because...A nice blog post on a (very) nice website designer's website: David DeSandro explains why he likes Microsoft Internet Explorer 6:

I have to say, I like how even his blog posts are displayed in an innovative and interesting way...

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Tue, 16th Mar 2010, 22:37:41  |  Category: Stuff I think is cool  |  Permalink

A man goes to bed at night and turns his light off. 12 people died that night as a result... Explain!

A lady draws up outside a hotel and parks her car - she immediately realises that she is bankrupt - how?


Cold Snap

Fri, 8th Jan 2010, 10:07:15  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

Britain Covered in SnowWe've had some brilliant weather in the UK recently, plenty of opportunities for rally-style handbrake turns on the way to work and lots of snowball fights!
The BBC have got a great photo up of Britain covered in snow, seen on the right. You can see their page here.

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Fairbairns 2009

Sat, 5th Dec 2009, 22:57:36  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

Rowing into the sunshine...Fairbairns is a head race on the river Cam that takes place at the end of Michaelmas term every year. As I had taken the morning off work to race, I headed down to the river a little earlier to see our senior women's VIII row. I remembered to take my camera this time and got a bit trigger happy, taking photos of nearly every crew that went past. You can see the whole lot on flickr and an abridged album of selected shots on facebook.
The results of the Fairbairn cup can be found the Fairbairns website.

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Hubble's Greatest Hits

Fri, 27th Mar 2009, 16:11:01  |  Category: News Articles  |  Permalink

NGC 2818 is a beautiful planetary nebula, the gaseous shroud of a dying sun-like star. It could well offer a glimpse of the future that awaits our own Sun in about five billion years.The times have done a nice feature entitled Hubble's greatest hits with some fantastic images up... Well worth a look!

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Excessive Celebration

Mon, 9th Mar 2009, 16:16:03  |  Category: YouTube  |  Permalink

This made me laugh for a long time - the fact that he's doing it to a silent shocked audience makes it even better, and the final shot of the scoreboard is the icing on the cake...