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Wed, 25th Apr 2007, 00:22:07  |  Category: Other Random Stuff  |  Permalink

Check out the latest highly addictive flash mini-game, boomshine...

Be sure to turn off the music at the start, by the time you've played the 12th level for the 32nd time it starts to grate a little...

And yes, I did complete it, eventually :)

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b3ta.com scrollbars

Tue, 24th Apr 2007, 13:44:25  |  Category: Web Comics  |  Permalink

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Mon, 23rd Apr 2007, 15:12:03  |  Category: Web Comics  |  Permalink

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Haiku from a Japanese garden in Nantes

Wed, 18th Apr 2007, 18:58:12  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

Cherry Blossom CupA joint project between my brother an me as we ate our picnic in the Japenese garden in Nantes at the weekend:

Some cherry blossom
Some lands in my waiting cup
Cherry blossom cup

Hmm, puts me in the mood for a beef haiku.

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Personal Projects

Tue, 10th Apr 2007, 21:20:43  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

I seem to be gathering up personal project sites to do "when I get time". First there was pspflashgaming.com (which still needs loads of work done on it), then Jake and me agreed to make a sister site, wiiflashgaming.com for flash games aimed at the wii.
As if these two aren't enough to fill all available time, i've just bought mixcdswap.com as a potential project for a port of the "mix cd swap experiment" group on facebook.com by Tim Hayward.
To be continued....

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Mon, 29th Jan 2007, 15:58:23  |  Category: About Me  |  Permalink

A Eurostar train. Nice, isn't it?As i write this, i should be near Calais. I should be sat in a nice comfy chair, reading my book with a gin in my hand. I should be sat on the eurostar.

I am, however, sat in my friends flat in Paris. Turns out that if you get on the wrong metro line by accident, it takes a really long time to get where you are meant to be going. Turns out that getting to the station 3 minutes before your eurostar train leaves isn't early enough.

If this wasn't bad enough, on my way to Paris I managed to leave my passport in Cambridge. I didn't remember until I had passed through security and was stood in front of the passport control. Ended up getting into Paris roughly 5 hours late.

The one good thing in this plethora of poor organisation is eurostar - they have changed my ticket in both directions for no extra charge. I even managed to get to cambridge and back to london for free, using my old ticket. I love being jammy.

Serioustly though, only me :oP

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to do

Tue, 25th Apr 2006, 21:10:22  |  Category: About this website  |  Permalink

- write in proper YouTube support, including Facebook meta for sharing
- write 'image link' field for posts
- sell tshirts? (spreadshirt)
- create calendar to browse posts by date? (jquery calendar, jquery date picker, complex php calendar, write my own?: jquery ajax with php include)
- remove tag system
- write in photo system (http://www.jupload.biz/)
- write different styles to choose from (help)
- write toy to create your own style?
- finish social bookmarking links (ideas) and make share by email secure.
- write in comment support
- write form adding / editing quotes
- sort out browser display issues of view db
- write in limit to number of posts displayed
- write ajax to refresh uploaded files div
- make favicon
- remove unsafe tags from rss - link
- write in RSS & atom
- secure admin section with .htaccess
- format create post page with tables to remove browser inconsitancies
- write image upload / resize code
- write file upload code
- create 'edit post' page
- create javascript buttons on the create post page to insert html equivalents for symbols
- sort out buttons for adding symbols
- write in parsing of posts (n = <br />, wrap in <p></p> etc)
- create 'html' flag for posts? (not needed any more)

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