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Photos now stored on flickr

Due to space constraints on my server, I'm now hosting all of my photos on flickr. I'm keeping this up to date with my 'nice' photos. If you're a friend of mine, have a look at facebook for those random photos I snapped the other night...

tallphil.co.uk Flash Photo Browser

I am in the process of writing mark two of my flash photo browser, which grabs my photos from flickr and displays them on this site (it's very clever, honest!). You can see my progress with the new flash browser here.

Out of date photos still hosted on tallphil.co.uk

You can still see the photos hosted on this site with the old flash photo browser here, though they haven't been updated in quite a while.

If you don't like flash, you can see the HTML version of those photos below, and the very (very) old photos page is still up here...

Photo Albums:

These photos are no longer kept up to date - see my flickr account for my latest pics!

City of Bristol Head Walking in the Lakes New Years Eve 2007 Ice!
Home, Dec '07 Snowdonia, Dec 08 Cheddar Gorge Hengrove on a cold evening
Dartmoor Fireworks on the Downs Hengrove cut short Westonbirt Arboretum
Pen Y Fan Walk Clifton Suspension Bridge Hengrove, 08/10/07 St Georges and Marshfield
Day of riding in Bristol Victoria Rooms, Norwhich Union Hip and Motion Biking to Bath Yate Skate Park, 20/09/07
BMX Street in Bristol - new to the area Sanger Photos FTP test album Testing... Testing...