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Welcome to the page of tallphil productions. The aim of this site is to show you who I am, what I do, and how well I do it.

07.05.05 - Ok, just bought a new domain name for my professional website, www.tallphilproductions.co.uk - still just has the new site mentioned below on it, but it's better than nothing. Plan is to make it good over the summer, as well as making a pro new personal site that will sit here at www.tallphil.co.uk

20.02.05 - Went to the Tsunami Gig in Bristol last night, with Portishead, Massive Attack, Robert Plant and the Coral... It was fantastic! A little page with a slideshow of my photos and stuff is here.

21.12.04 - Bah, this website is in chronic need of being replaced. Uni has a way of sucking in all of your time and spitting you out with sleep deprivation and a hangover... As soon as I get overdue work in and sort my life out, i'll put the finishing touches to the new flash site that you can see below, and I might even put a blog in..

15.6.04 - The new website is in progress, see how i'm getting on here.

24.2.04 - Ooh, a new game! A little touch of nothingness for those who have a few minutes to waste ;) Find it here.

14.2.04 - Please note that this website is overdue a rehaul, and I am in the process of designing a spangley new site - please be patient and check back soon!

About me: My name is Philip Ewels, and I am a 18 year old at uni in Bristol, studying "Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and Biotechnology". During the holidays i'm back at home, living in Shropshire, England. I have been interested in computers all of my life, due to my father teaching IT. I had always wondered at web design, and how some of the effects I saw on the web were created - when I went to work experience at Stiperstones Primary school I got to find out. Here I learnt the basics of design, and developed the tools needed to work the web. I came home and continued to play, and learn.
Finally, over three years later, here I am, writing the homepage to my professional site.

In that time, I have learnt to do a lot of things. Some are listed below. Others I can learn.

  • Web design in html and flash, using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash.
  • Flash animation
  • Graphics manipulation and production using a variety of programs (creation of logos etc)

Have a look at my portfolio page to see some examples of my work.

© Phil Ewels, 2003