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Welcome to the portfolio section. Here you can see examples of my work, and see what you can expect from me...
view from Sacre Coeur across Paris
  • The Blacktop Fridays - My latest and most complex site to date, I was asked to make a friends ideas for a website into a reality. I designed the website entirely in flash to achieve the effects desired, and I think the message board is good proof of the sites popularity! This website is in a state of constant updates at the moment, and is my chief site of exploration into how to achive new effects!
  • Jack the Cat - A small and relatively quick website, my main focus on this site was to keep it simple. I did my best to keep in the style of the book, and make the site quick to download. My mum was very pleased with it!
  • Shropshire and Montgomery International Tree Foundation - My first professionally designed website. This site really tested what I had learnt in other projects, and in the creation of this site, I learnt a lot more...
    To find out more about what I had to do, read my notes.

  • My Website - Please be aware that I'm currently re-designing all that you see. At the moment I'm doing more fundamental behind the scenes stuff, but come back soon to see some top notch design!
  • The Moonlit Phonecalls - This site was completed fairly recently using a combination of techniques in both html and flash, unfortunately the situation with the band fell through and t he site is no longer in use. A shame, as I like the site a lot.

  • Moving House Card - Two cards for distribution among my client's friends and collegues.

...under construction...

These sites are currently under construction, the sites at the top of the list are due to be completed, the sites nearer the bottom are on hold...

  • Jenny and Tim's wedding - This site is actually completed, but it is password protected as it contains Jenny and Tim's contact details. After their wedding I shall remove any private material and remove the password protection.
  • SBC ltd - very close to completion, this site should be up and running within a couple of weeks. My latest site, this one focuses primarily on speed of download and ease of navigation, with design and style less important. Still, I'd like to think that the site doesn't look too shabby either.
  • Bumpy Lane Cards - By far the biggest and most complex site that i've taken on yet, this website will be a fully working e-commerce site, to sell hand made cards online. When it comes online, we shall what the paying public make of it! Should be finished within a month or two.
  • Yockleton Church - This site runs purely in html, and should do well. It is still in its early design stages, and is currently waiting for images. Should be online and up and running within a month or two.
  • The Pistachio Mafia - An introduction animation for a friends band, the pistachio mafia. This will be uber-cool when it's done, and it's nearly there! It will hopefully appear in a similar form when the band do their first CD, to run as an applet when the CD is played in a computer.
  • Clip Website - A website using both Flash and html techniques, interwoven to make a fully functional, yet eyecatching site. I love this site and think that it has a lot of potential, but its production is currently on hold while the folk behind the t-shirts sort themselves out...
  • Clip Designs - All designs so far have been created by me, and the many have been designed by me (indicated on page) (currently in production - see above)
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