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Here you can indulge yourself a little, and have a look at some of the nice images and graphics that I have created... Everything is free for personal use, but please contact me if you would like to use them for anything further.
To download the image, click the resolution that you would like, and then follow the instructions.
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A 'mistake' image, this one is a photo that I took without flash one evening, which I waved the camera around to take. On the computer, I decided that I liked some of the curves that had appeared, and edited the colours and applied some filters.
I took this photo in France, of a lake called in a place called 'étang de Tronçaias', in the 'Forét de Tronçais' near Montluçon. I haven't done anything to it, I just really like it!
This image is in fact a small plastic spike, which I scanned in at very high resolution. I had the final image in mind when I scanned it, and it was designed partly for fun, and partly to learn how to use my then new graphics manipulation program - Fireworks.
© Phil Ewels, 2003